Driver-Vehicle Agency Work

We do for you any kind of procedure in theJefatura de Tráfico de Alicante, the Spanish DVLA. See our prices below.

The most efficient in Alicante:

  • Vehicle transmission, sale.
    Preparation of contract with the seller and buyer in our own office. We'll give you your new documents in a record time, no temporary permits.
  • Notifications of Transmission
  • Vehicle registration, not including spanish MOT Test.
    Preparation and presentation of the corresponding taxes.
  • Registration Certificate duplicates and renewals
  • Driving Permit exchanges to spanish ones
  • Duplicates of driving permit


Transmissions - 60,50€ + Taxes (we calculate them beforehand)

Transmission Notifications - 50€ Taxes included

Vehicles Registration - 121€ + Taxes

Registration Duplicates - 70,50€ Taxes Included

Deregistrations - 60,50€ Taxes Included

Permit Exchanges - 120€ Taxes Included

Permit Duplicates - 70,50€ Taxes Included


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