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Solutions for businesses and individuals

We supply all of our resources to you, either if you are a business or an individual.


Contact us by phone or come to our office in our business hours. You can contact us by Facebook or by e-mail 24 hours, 7 days a week.


Beacuse many problems can't be solved alone, we want to help you.


We will make the difficult seem easy.


Digital certificates, online presentations, e-mail... we have the latest technology available so that you don't have to move from your house.


Integrated services, adapted to your needs. We will reach the best possible solution.


Paying total attention to each case, we anticipate any possible outcome considering and stablishing the way to reach it.

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Asesores JR
dir: Av. Condes de Soto Ameno, 19
       03005 Alicante - Spain
tel: 966 14 66 88
Advisors and accountants in Alicante. Services for firms and self-employed. Accountancy, Tax, Labour, Attorneys.